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A prime time to choose local

Rhode Island chooses Indie Local

Next week brings us that peak manifestation of capitalistic consumerism and digital marketing: Amazon Prime Days.

It’s a good time to remember: Where we spend our dollars matters ⸺ our choices create a ripple effect that starts with us and extends out to our entire community and local economy. When we choose an independent and locally owned business, the positive ripples expand. 

Why the online giant is bad for your community

Amazon dominates online retail, leaving small businesses with little choice but to rely on it to reach consumers. The Institute for Local Self Reliance found that Amazon exploits its position as a gatekeeper to impose steep and growing fees on third-party sellers, which in turn generate huge profits for (of course) Amazon. (Read ILSR’s recent report.) That’s a cycle that leads to nothing beneficial for our businesses, neighborhoods, or economy.

Instead, choose indie local

When we spend our dollars at a locally owned and independent business instead of a chain store or online giant, our money recirculates through the local economy 2-4 times more than money spent at a non-local company. As our dollars flow through the community, they generate more local wealth, charitable contributions, and jobs.

So this July, choose indie and local, dump Prime, and invest instead in the local multiplier ⸺ the kind of ripples that keep our economies and communities flowing strong. (Read more about the local multiplier from AMIBA.)

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