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Community Conversation with LUNA Community Care

“When people are neurodivergent they’re often forced to think in a way that’s very normative, which can be very harmful,” said Casey Gallagher, “so we really want to create a space and support programming for individuals to be themselves and celebrate neurodivergent joy.” 

Casey and Tara Boulais co-founded LUNA Community Care to provide programs and support services — such as one-on-one peer counseling, special interests groups, and a drop-in center based in the Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket — for neurodivergent people.

Casey is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and Casey is a Community Health Worker and Peer Support Specialist. They are both mothers. “I’ve been working in a system for the past seven years that is broken, and I would like to fill the gaps,” said Tara. All of LUNA’s programs and services are shaped and delivered by people with lived experience.

LUNA Community Care is also a worker-owned cooperative. Why a cooperative? “My favorite word is ‘synergy,’ Tara notes, “which means everybody working together for the greater good.” And Casey explains that LUNA is committed to collective liberation. “That means really means amplifying the voices of the most marginalized people in our communities, so that we all feel like we are neighbors and community members and local to one another.”

LUNA is actively looking for volunteers and members — as well as grassroots investors to support their worek. Visit https://www.lunacommunitycare.org/services-membership for more information. 

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