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Local Return aims to connect grassroots investors with local opportunities to invest. Do you care about Rhode Island? Do you want to put your money where your home is? We’re here to help. Check out these opportunities to invest in Rhode Island.

Please note: Local Return is making these local opportunities available for your consideration. Listing on this site does not equal endorsement. Please conduct your own due diligence before making any investment or purchase.
Jackie on Broadway shop
Providence storefront (photo by Kia Davis)
Coming Soon!

RI Community Investment Cooperative

We are in the process of developing a Rhode Island Investment Cooperative. This community investment fund gathers money from people in the community to invest together and then uses this money to support local businesses, initiatives, and projects that benefit the community. By investing in projects that make a difference, the fund aims to create positive social, environmental, and economic impact in the community.

Check back soon for more information!