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Guest commentary: Jo Detz, ecoRI News

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When I read your call to action, I immediately thought of South Providence and the consistent disinvestment in that community, which is bearing the brunt of many polluting businesses along the Port of Providence. There has been much attention to environmental racisism, equity, inclusion, and equitable solutions at the city level with respect to communities bordering the port, but so much feels like lip service with no real action taking place. For there to be real opportunity for those neighborhoods to thrive and have power, they need an economic leg up. (The level of pollution experienced in South Providence would never happen on the East Side of Providence, which holds so much wealth.)

I wonder what real investment would look like in South Providence—investment that actually comes from the community and not from gentrifying forces…

Joanna Detz is publisher of ecoRI News. ecoRI News covers environmental news for southern New England. Sign up for their weekly e-newsletter at http://ecori.org/read

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