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Independents Month 2023

Indie Local digital badges

July is Independents Month! 

Independents Month celebrates independent, locally-owned businesses and the community values they embody:

  • Their spirit of entrepreneurship, individuality, uniqueness, and character
  • How they give back to our community with their time, talents, goods, and services
  • How they fulfill community needs that make us healthier and wealthier

Call to Action!

Independents Month is a fabulous time to:

  • Learn about what’s available locally
  • Consider the consequences of your choices
  • Shift some of your spending to align with your values

You can join us by taking the Indie Pledge to shift 25% of your spending to independent, locally-owned businesses in the month of July.  

Proudly proclaim your independence! If you take the Indie Pledge, you receive a digital badge to share far and wide, loud and proud. If you’re a local, independent business, we’ve got a digital badge and window sticker for you; just contact jessica@localreturn.org

Why buy local? 

  1. Money: When we shop local, money stays in our local economy longer and does more good. For every $100 you spend at a locally-owned business, an average of $68 stays in the local community. Compare that to just $43 for a big box store.
  2. Jobs: Local businesses = local jobs. Small businesses are the state’s largest employer. They hire our neighbors, family members, and friends.
  3. Charm: Local businesses shape the character of our communities. They make our places unique and interesting.
  4. Climate: Buying local is good for the environment. It means less resources and energy were used to transport goods.
  5. Community: Local businesses are more inclined to give back to the local community — think Little League teams, raffle donations, and charitable giving — because they are part of the local community. They donate almost 2.5x more per employee than national chains.
  6. Trust: It feels good to do business with someone you know.

With every dollar we spend, we can keep money multiplying in the local economy. 

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