Community Investors Circle Crowdfunding Campaign

Update: YOU DID IT!

Thank you to the 34 generous, visionary Rhode Islanders who backed the campaign, helping us raise $6,333! We are so grateful for your support.

Help us make this happen!

Now through December 31, Local Return is raising $5,000 from our community. We will use these funds to help establish Rhode Island’s first Community Investors Circle, an opportunity for everyone who cares about Rhode Island to invest locally.

The Local Return Community Investors Circle is a network of investors committed to building a strong base of independent, locally-owned businesses, community-oriented real estate ownership, and worker-owned cooperatives in Rhode Island.

We’re working with the NC3 Community Capital Accelerator to determine the best structure and parameters for Rhode Island and then hiring a lawyer who specializes in community investment to establish the Circle. This kind of legal support is not free, so we need your help.

Once the Circle is created, we’ll be looking for community-minded, locally-oriented Investors to join us to grow the fund — to $50,000 in the pilot phase, and eventually more.

Please help us get the Circle established by contributing what you can!

You can donate by clicking the DONATE button below or mailing a check to Local Return, c/o Jessica David, 555 South Water St. #302, Providence, RI 02903.